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Angell, Marc

Marc Angell started out his career as a DJ at San Diego’s KPRI-FM 106.5 spinning the overnight vinyl. He went on to work as a news reporter at sister station KOGO-AM and several other radio and television stations over the following decade. Marc worked as an actor in soaps, commercials, voice-overs, music videos and a few low budget beauties.

While investng in wireless technology start-ups in the early 90's, Marc became founder and CEO of an international import-export and manufacturing business in the paging industry. Angell went on to launch a wireless technology development venture called Planet Halo, Inc. which he subsequently sold to the public company, Concierge Technologies, Inc.

As the CEO of Global Radio Network, Inc., Marc has merged his radio, business and technology backgrounds to bring the company to the next level of success by initiating a New Media approach to radio. Music of Your Life is now heard in more than 100 countries around the world via the Internet, iTunes Radio, WiFi Radio and FlyCast. Under Marc's management, the number of Music of Your Life radio station affiliates has more than tripled.

Marc Angell, his fiancee Jacquie Carter and Pat Boone are the Company's major shareholders.

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